Drodion Drone Surveillance Solution

Drodion has developed a patent pending drone surveillance solution that can detect, alert and even identify different models of drone for security and auditing purposes.  It has major benefits over existing drone detection systems as it uses existing signals from satellite navigation systems and it only requires is a basic antenna and our software to operate.

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This means our solution does not need to actively transmit powerful signals which:

  • Are more regulated and often have frequency availability issues.
  • Can potentially harm human and animal health.
  • Can be detected and therefore avoided.
  • Can interfere with localised communications, a factor which has really limited the uptake of such technology.

Lower Capital & Operational Costs

In contrast, Drodion’s solution is safe, it has much lower capital and operational costs, it cannot be detected and it does not interfere with local communications as it is a passive technology.

The drone market is expected to grow from $2 billion today to $127 billion by 2020.  Drones are no longer just flying cameras for hobbyists but are intelligent computers that are already being used to; endanger planes, harm infrastructure, drop contraband into prisons, hack data centers, carry weapons, and drop harmful payloads including radioactive substances. An Islamic State drone factory has already been uncovered and experts say it is only a matter of time before they are used for terrorist attacks in Europe and the US.  It is no wonder that the drone surveillance market is projected to reach $10 Billion by 2020.

Drodion’s aim is to revolutionise the drone surveillance market by offering a cheaper, less intrusive technology to make the world a safer place.

Drodion is a UK based company which provides two distinct drone or UAV (unmanned aerial-vehicle) services & solutions.

Drone Detection Solution

Drodions’s drone detection solution is a passive radar system which overcomes many of the existing issues that the drone detection and surveillance industry faces.   Existing drone detection solutions can generally be broken down into either ‘passive’ or ‘active’ systems and we have looked more closely into the differences between the two technologies below.

Agriculture & Forestry

Specialist drone based surveys for agriculture & forestry.  Using the latest sensors, Drodion collects multispectral imagery & turns this into simple to understand, actionable data.  The surveys allow farmers & foresters to identify problems before they can be seen by the human eye.  The insightful survey data enables quicker action to reduce costs & maximise yield.

Drodion Airport Surveillance
Drone Detection Alert & Surveillance Solutions

Drodion Drone Surveillance Solution